Lucy (juice1) wrote,

Trapped by some boundary conditions - namely the library.

I am becoming somewhat of a hermit, only really going out to rollerskate [and break some necks]! My mate from home texted and was like "got any drunken stories then?" and I had to reply with a no, how sad. I can usually be relied upon to have been in some interesting escapades and scrapes, but this month not so. After the 14th May I presume I will resume being my own stereotype. Although saying that I do in fact have lots of stories about the library and maths of all different varieties. Maybe I will save those for another day....

I have been having a look at some past papers and solutions, it seems some questions really are quite difficult with some solutions reading:
"...after a short struggle.."
"...using inspired guess work.." and other helpful hints. Thanks maths dept.!

But yes - generally been spending a lot of time in the library, becoming somewhat zombie-like and haggard - God knows what I will look like after I have eventually finished these exams, I really do dread to think. It doesn't help that I find the majority of people in the library highly irritating. I think some people actually come to the library to socialize - if I wasn't going to do work I wouldn't meet up in a fucking University library, jeeeeez. This is rubbed in my face as I always work in the bits where you are allowed to talk (so I can't really complain or say anything, actually) as you can discuss problems with coursemates and generally I can't deal with silence, at all. The main thing that irritates me about *most* other people and hearing their conversations, is how little work they do, it has actually made me and lots of my [mathsy] friends unreasonably bitter about people that study just about every other subject. I was going to do a huge rant in fury teareth up, but then I realised I actually like having people that annoy me for some reason...

The other day, though, being confined to the library did actually make me hysterical. There was this lad and girl studying what sounded like medicine. To me it seemed like the girl was having everything explained to her by a rather useful know it all geek she had stumbled across. The lad obviously liked being a bit pompous and full of himself and telling her how to do the questions. They were on the table in front of me, I was facing them and my mate had her back to them, but after a while we were both listening with some intent as the lad appeared to be trying to woo the girl with some persistence. It was the most cringeworthy thing I had heard for a while, the girl was being really cold and obviously didn't want to go back to this lads house, but he still persisted! I think luring a useful geek back to the library was enough for the girl.

At first it was just stuff like "oh I have got this thing I would really like to watch with you" - which despite sounding overly cheesy, or like he has some pr0n he wants to share isn't *too* bad.
Then he was like "I have been to your flat loads, you should come to mine", mmm smooth. I think at this point was when the girl mentioned she wore contact lenses and needed to go home as she had no lens solution with her. I kind of read that as a polite "thanks, but no", but not this lad oh no no no....
"I am going to have to walk across the meadows by myself, I don't like it - maybe you could walk with me back to mine?" - WTF, he was a big enough bloke to give a potential bloody mugger a swift upper cut! I think at this point I was beginning to giggle and make faces at my mate. There were more chat up lines of doom that I can't quite remember, probably along these lines:
"mmm I hear a bottle of red and a Marvin Gaye record boosts revision techniques - come back to mine and I can sort us out ;)...". It really was unbelievable and on his part stank of FAIL.
The next bit really did make me laugh and I couldn't hold it in any longer, I think she said she would just get a 3 quid taxi to hers and needed to get up early to study or something to which he replied:
"See - if you come back to mine you can save three pound - buy yourself a dress with what you save!". He was being sincere too, it was indeed quite patronising.
And with the line BUY YOURSELF A DRESS!!!!!?! I let out a huge guffaw, snorted and started uncrontrollably laughing. My friend was also shaking with [silent] laughter and the girl was like "I think they are laughing at us...". I just could not hold it in any longer. I shuvved a bit of bread in my face to try and stem the laughter flow but this didn't really help - I just had mushed up breadcrumb visible when I laughed instead...
Then the next morning we seen them in the library again - they didn't sit on the next table :/
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