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Have you been grinding?

Recently (well yesterday) I have mainly been walking with a limp. Due mainly to my only shoes that aren't high heels or huge boots being totally worn and knackered so my feet just kept getting cut up, so I thought it was best to take a revision break and invest in some new shoes. Although this was only after basically pulling the skin off my little toe as I thought "wow pulling skin off a blister = the most fun I have had in aaaaages" :/... This resulted in me hobbling everywhere like a propa tard due to it being red raw, ouch.

Seems like I was going kerazy with the old socializing malarky this week as I later hobbled over to the meadows for bakewell tarts and fun times! It was well nice. When we realised the 'handy' portaloo's on the meadows were in fact locked, I went with Alice on a mini adventure to the Hugh Robson building (I get withdrawal symptoms if I leave that place for over 3 hours) and with my nifty pin number we abused the labs for their toilets. I then discovered a carrier bag full of empty food containers and biscuit wrappers in the cubicle, as if someone had had a proper feast, whilst on the loo! Seriously I know exam time is hard but don't make it extra grim by eating your tea out of a toilet bowl! I can understand, you know, maybe a drug addict wanting a private spot in a cubicle to shoot some smack, but just eat your biscuits in the foyer, pet! And apparently someone was eating a takeaway at about 2am last night crouched down outside the toilet doors - honestly, what is with Edinburgh Uni and people eating in and around toilets?

Anyway the end of exams is in sight, I only have two more to go, one this week and one next- almost as sparse as an arts student!

I missed the ol' Roller D shizzle for a week due to revision-ness, but got myself a mouthguard in readiness. I was telling my mate (in the lab, obviously) and she asked in the most casual, quizzicle tone - "Have you been grinding?". Like as if it was completely normal to be suffering from grinding teeth due to too much maths revision or something. We did laugh (a lot) when I pointed out I meant for Roller Derby, and was in fact still free from such habits.
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