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Beth and Emily are mint, they got me 21 exciting presents for my 21st. In other news I am restraining from too much celebrating until my last exam, argh, can't wait.

1) My fave - a laminated times table poster.
2)A leopard print chiffonny scarf.
3)10 rainbow pencils
4)A 12 inch rainbow ruler that collapses down in inch intervals.
5)A jazzy fairtrade note book.
6)Leopard print hairclips in pink, blue and purple.
7)Blue leopard print furry dice keyring.
8)10 drinks parasols.
9)strawberry flavour condom
10)chocolate raisins
11)Black and green knee sock (ARRG! colours)
12)13)14)15) assorted 'novelty' badges
16)organic dried figs
17)banana flavour condom
18)Another black and green sock - so I have a pair!
19)Furry leopard print hand cuffs.
20)Tin of special brew - "Enjoy responsibly".
21)'Fashion' maths set.
22)Tesco vodka.
23)Pink stanley knife!

Thats more than 21, I am not complaining.

So now I can go out and have kerazy fun with some special brew, a pen knife, hand cuffs and assorted maths paraphernalia.
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