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Fishnet Burns night!

Erm if anyone was in the studios on Saturday and I haven't already quizzed you, what was I doing (apart from having the best fun ever, as far as I remember)? I am having the worst memory blanks in a long time, hurrah! Coz apparently I was talking to some 'people I knew', but I have absolutely no recollection of who they were, what I was saying, or indeed if I did know them. Aaaah good times. I think I stopped intoxicating myself at 9am, good work Juicy Lucy... and now back to uni, argh.

Main point of this post is Roller Derby though ;)

Auld Reekie's FIRST EVER open bout is on the 24th January from 1 till 4 at Meadowbank sports centre and it would be class if some of yous came :)
Basically ARRG have split (temporarily) into two sides: Celtic Chaos and Highland Heathens and there are some amazing guest skaters from London coming up to bulk up the two teams which is a total honour! And not being biased or owt but I would cheer on the Chaos...

But yeah you can pay (an amazingly cheap) 7 squid on the door, or bagsy your tickets now by buying online with paypal ;)

and check the myspace if ya really keen...

I also seem to randomly have a spazzy sore shoulder.
Good times people.
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