Lucy (juice1) wrote,

new annoyances: media reporting

Whilst researching an essay I stumbled across this article. Only recently have things like this started to annoy me, but this is because I didn't have allocated study time where I got to analyse such things!

Anyway the bit that is annoying is the professor warns description. This immediately insinuates that any other (ie non white) ethnicity gaining somekind of mathematically academic edge or equality is a bad thing and thus WE MUST BE WARNED.

Similar things are very prominent in other media reports - particularly of Daily Mail (and in this case Telegraph) variety. I became aware of this whilst reading about gender differences in maths and how the ability of girls achievements are documented. Again professors warn or worry about the fact that girls are 'overtaking' boys in GCSE maths results - there is no praise for girls, just worry for the boys...

I imagine I am preaching to the converted here. I will update LJ with regards to *life* possibly soon.
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