Lucy (juice1) wrote,

Bob-Juice and The Goonettes

Beth was coming to Roller Derby this week so it was all exciting times, but then when we got to the church hall in Bruntsfield it was locked and everyone was stood outside - what a let down! Not to worry though, the practices are going to be at the Crags sports centre from tomorrow anyway!

But yeah we wore sunglasses to walk across as it was well sunny when we set off, but then it started to rain, so we just looked like a right pair of plonkers. Actually we looked awesome, especially since we had little skirts on and pulled up white socks Beth had bought with roller skates on them, ahem.

Pissing about on the Meadows:
When I got in from the library before our meadows adventure, Beth, like a good house wife, had baked loads of cakes:
They obviously had lots of e numbers in:
It was a shame we didn't get to bust a gut at the roller derby as Ciderella (aka Beth) was wearing a mint t-shirt.
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